Erm, Guten Tag.

This is the home of WunderSys, the delightful german export, a free Mudlet system that works alongside the Achaean Serverside curing.

Please check the Installation Instructions before downloading and installing the system, it should save you some time and effort..

Features of WunderSys

  • Custom affliction curing order that focusses on keeping you unhindered.
  • Client side affliction tracking and situational priority switching.
  • Pipe handling: refilling and relighting
  • Defence keepup.
  • Precaching: keeping herbs outrifted in your inventory
  • Disable use of mana curing abilities like focus below user set threshold.
  • Simple do and dofree queues using serverside queueing.
  • Warnings for instakills and other important things.
  • Slain tracker
  • Inkmilling script
  • Vivisect curing mode
  • Wunderbar, ja?